For the past 20 years, Fuyuko has been deeply committed on the path of Yoga and ancient Non-Dual wisdom. She has been teaching since 1996.

She incorporates iRest and Self-Inquiry in her teachings of Yoga, somatic body awareness and meditation at her Yoga studio, Prema Yoga, on the Gold Coast, Australia and internationally.

In 2007, Richard Miller, her spiritual mentor, brought to Fuyuko a deeper understanding of living life in a Non-Dual way, in harmony with all of life. From a life of ever-deepening joy, astonishment and Stillness, a heartfelt desire to share these precious teachings has sprung forth.

Certified iRest TeacherShe teaches and hosts iRest trainings and retreats in Australia. She has been assisting iRest trainings in North America for Richard Miller and other senior trainers.

Fuyuko is coming to New Zealand to teach an iRest Level 1 Training in Auckland, 20-25th March. Full details and bookings here >>

Please let us know a little about yourself – your background, how you came to be interested in Yoga and meditation.

I have grown up in a family of Buddhist background. My great grandfather was a monk. The spiritual way of life was part of our family life.  I just I didn’t think anything special about it until I moved to Australia. Also, being young, I was not overtly practising it but it was in me as a basic value system.

I suffered from chronic depression caused by PTSD after I moved from Japan. It was a very challenging time as I was new to Australia and all my family and friends were in Japan. Interestingly, I slowly turned back to spirituality for healing and ease. I travelled to India and discovered Advaita (non-dual) teaching. I found the more I delved into the teachings of Advaita and Buddhism, that they are fundamentally not so different.

I found the same values and views in Yoga. I started to seriously practise Yoga asana, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra as they all helped immensely to improve my chronic depression and trauma-caused challenges. My Yoga teacher Laurene Hassard encouraged and supported me to become a Yoga teacher, although I had never thought of becoming a Yoga teacher. That was begun almost 24 years ago.

Who are your most important teachers and what are their biggest teachings for us?

Richard Miller, Donna Farhi and Lauren Hassard. And, I might add LIFE itself is the most important teacher. All taught me greatly, and the most important teaching dear to my heart is:  We are not separate Beings so “Love All and Serve All”, “Hurt Never Help Ever” would contain the essence of all their teachings.

When and how did you become interested in iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation?

PTSD and depression were still very much a constant companion of my life until Donna Farhi, my Yoga teacher, introduced me to Richard Miller’s iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation in 2006.

After practising it only little,  a profound shift occurred that I could only describe as a fog lifting so that now I can see clearly. Like that song “I can see clearly now”. I was so moved that a strong will (icha) to learn this arose in my heart. I completed iRest Training Level 1 and 2 followed by the certification program and became a certified iRest teacher.

Then, I felt there was so much more to learn and embody this teaching. My study with Richard has continued as I travelled to North America to attend his long retreats twice a year and assisting with his training several times a year. Then, an opportunity arose as I was asked to become a trainer with a specific further study course.

Well, Dharma (Life purpose) has it, I discovered iRest® Meditation and now I share this life-saving & transforming precious teaching in Australasia (New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, as well as other South East Asian countries).

How have you seen iRest help others?

Let these people’s words speak: 

Attending the iRest® Level 1 training has been transformational. An unlocking and entering into an inner world of peaceful curiosity I had only ever dreamed of. The team of expert teachers held the space of learning and opening, professionally and safely, with unconditional love and non-judgement of what was arising. A life-changing experience.
Lucy McIntosh


This training has literally changed my life in so many ways, & helped my “broken” soul return to its wholeness. I am so grateful that I followed my hearts calling to learn & share this practice that I was so drawn to after my Yoga Teacher/Mentor/Friend 1st introduced it to me last year.

I am so grateful to all the iRest Facilitators who were so supportive throughout our whole training, always on hand to help and share their wisdom. I appreciate & honour all the gifts that you share with this world …​
Lisa Duck

How would you describe iRest to someone new to the practice?

​It bears so many gifts in this Pure, Simple and Direct meditation practice.

Pure… in a sense of no fix or change is needed to heal and return to well-being.

Simple… in a sense that everyone can do it and no experience of Yoga or meditation is required.

Direct… in a sense right from the beginning iRest points to and awakens us to who we are:  we are already and always wholeness of Pure Being.

It is completely free of imposition or dogmatic approach, it is secular and accessible to all.

I might add, everyone loves it as it allows our body and mind to deeply relax and rejuvenate while learning how to be with difficult emotions and thoughts in life, and to become resilient and well balanced human beings.

Can you tell us how iRest is connected to and related to Yoga and Tantra?

​iRest incorporates the four foundational philosophies: Samkhya Karika, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, Advita/Vedantic, and Kashmiri Saivism’s tantric view. The Map of Meditation from Siva Sutra of  Kashmiri Saivism is where iRest’s 10 Steps come out of, and how all of the aforementioned four philosophies are beautifully incorporated to reveal and help realise our True Nature.

I truly feel we are blessed that iRest tools and teachings are made accessible and practical to all, without being dogmatic or philosophical about it.

What do people learn on iRest Training?

​iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Training is designed to provide you with the fundamental principles, history, theory, practice, and delivery of iRest. This will allow you to incorporate the simple 10-step iRest protocol into your personal life, professional teaching, and/or clinical practice.

As the founder, Richard Miller says “iRest is like the “life’s manual” we wish we got when we were a child”.  It is designed to help you meet and greet each moment of your life with a sense of equanimity and balance.

You will learn as an embodied understanding (not just as theory) to use the ten-step protocol use in various settings, including Yoga environments, physical therapy, massage therapy, social work, clinical and medical establishments, alternative or integrative medical practices, as well as in-job training and job resiliency programs.


Further information and the iRest research information are found on the institute’s website:

More information and register for iRest Level 1 Training in Auckland, 20-25th March 2020 >>

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