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Refining Yoga Nidra Posture with Donna Farhi

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You’re ready for a deep, restorative iRest practice and the teacher begins by asking you to find a comfortable position on your back. You look around the room (or as the case may be, the Zoom) and everyone else seems to be managing well. In fact, they all look pretty blissed out. Why can it be so hard to just lie still?

Donna Farhi, Yoga Teacher

Richard Miller on BodySensing (plus two free practices)

This is an offering from Richard Miller originally published on Yoga Journal.

Learn to Listen to Your Body in Meditation.

Have you ever noticed feeling light and physically relaxed when you’re happy? Or noticed sensations of unease in your heart, stomach, or gut when you’re upset?

Meditate on physical sensations, known as bodysensing, in order to feel calm, grounded, and healthy.

Body-Sensing Article on Yoga Journal

What Makes iRest Meditation Unique?

With so many meditation offerings and trainings available today, why pick iRest yoga nidra meditation?

If you’re thinking of embarking on formal meditation training, or maybe trying meditation for your own personal practice, here are a few points that highlight what makes iRest stand-out from what can feel like an ocean of offerings.


What is iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation?

As the popularity of Yoga continues to expand, more and more people are being drawn into practices beyond Yoga asana (posture). One of the practices that are becoming increasingly lauded is Yoga Nidra.

This article attempts to de-mystify Yoga Nidra and show how this contemporised, yet ancient practice can be an incredibly practical tool to help us live our lives with ease, resiliency, equanimity and authenticity. We will look at the iRest Yoga Nidra protocol in some depth, and also offer some iRest Yoga Nidra resources at the end.

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