iRest® Meditation Retreat
The Alchemy of Stillness

with Fuyuko Toyota
10-13th October 2019
Mana Retreat Centre
Coromandel, New Zealand
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Alchemy …

… a process that is so effective it seems like magic. At iRest Meditation retreats, sincere heartfelt practice, with some extraordinary alchemy, will turn the most ordinary of ingredients – sensing Body, Breath, and Mind – into the most profound deep stillness.

Research shows that Yoga and meditation foster health and well-being at every level – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Hence, many people are now turning to Yoga and meditation to support and help themselves, their loved ones and the community at large, as life’s challenges seem increasingly intense.

Discover the Alchemy of Stillness through ancient yogic non-dual teachings, which help us heal the misperception of separation and remember our inherent wholeness and indestructible peace and stillness, no matter our circumstance.

During this retrea,t you will be guided through simple, pure and direct practices, such as self-inquiry meditation, pranayama, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, sitting and walking meditation practices.

Join us on this transformative iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation weekend.

No prior experience necessary. Simply bring an open mind and curiosity.

This retreat is lead by Fuyuko Toyota: a senior iRest Trainer, Retreat Leader and Director of iRest Institute Australasia. It will be held in partial silence allowing you to steep in stillness and deep self-inquiry.

This event satisfies the iRest Certification short retreat requirement.

About iRest Yoga Nidra

iRest Yoga Nidra is a research-based meditation, relaxation and healing protocol. The practice of iRest enables you to deeply calm your nervous system, integrate difficult thoughts & emotions, and offers a portal for awakening to your essential nature. iRest meditation is both an excellent personal practice as well as adjunctive practice for healthcare & healing professionals. Research shows iRest effectively reduces stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain & post-traumatic stress disorder, and enhances joy, equanimity & well-being in daily life.

Through many experiential practices and dynamic dialogue:

  • Learn the 10 Step iRest Protocol to enhance your personal meditation practice
  • Explore how to integrate the practices of iRest into daily life
  • Foster well-being and resiliency from stress & anxiety
  • Experience Bodysensing in movement
  • Practice Breathsensing for resiliency, increased energy, and relaxation
  • Learn to skilfully meet difficult emotions and beliefs skillfully in daily life
  • Access an inner resource of wellbeing, ease, security, and peace
  • Awaken to your essential wholeness

The Pricing Schedule

  Single Double Commuter
Room and Board $515 $425 $230
Early Bird Tuition $450 $450 $450
Early Bird Total $965 $875 $680

Total price increases by $100 from 10th September 2019.

For this retreat, there are separate policies regarding the tuition fees and the Mana Retreat fees (room and board). Please note the cancellation policies at the bottom of this page.*

About Fuyuko

Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota is a certified iRest® Senior Trainer, Retreat Leader and Supervisor/Mentor. For the past 20 years she has been deeply committed on the path of Yoga and ancient Nondual wisdom. She is also a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher since 1996.

She incorporates iRest and Self-Inquiry in her teachings of Yoga, Somatic body awareness and meditation at her yoga studio “Prema Yoga” on the Gold Coast, Australia and internationally.

In 2007, Richard Miller, her spiritual mentor, brought to Fuyuko a deeper understanding of living life in a nondual way.  From a life of ever deepening joy, astonishment and Stillness, a heartfelt desire to share these precious teachings has sprung forth.

She teaches and hosts iRest trainings and retreats in Australia and New Zealand. She has been assisting iRest trainings in North America for Richard Miller and other senior trainers.

More about Fuyuko on her website:

Prices for the 3 days
Single Room Early Bird: $965
Double Room Share Early Bird: $875
Commuter Early Bird: $680
See full pricing schedule below >>

The Schedule

Thursday 10th October
4-5pm Registration
6-7pm Dinner
7.15-8.30pm Evening Program

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th October
6-7am Personal Practice (optional)
7-8am Early Morning Program
8-8.30am Breakfast
9.30am-12pm Mid-Morning Program
12.30-1.30pm Lunch
1.30-3.30pm Free Time
3.30-6pm Afternoon Program
6-7pm Dinner
7.15-8.30pm Evening Program

Sunday 13th October
6-7am Personal Practice (optional)
7-8am Early Morning Program
8-8.30am Breakfast
10am-1pm Mid-Morning Program
1pm Lunch
Departure after lunch

*Note: this schedule may be subject to change.
Approx 33 hours teaching (contact hours)
CPD * 50% = 16 CPD

Read Richard Miller’s Endorsement of Fuyuko Toyota (click image below to read)

“I deeply respect Fuyuko for how she integrates her grounded presence and deep passion for truth, beauty, love and community when teaching yoga and iRest meditation practices …

*For this retreat, there are separate policies regarding the tuition fees and the Mana Retreat fees (room and board).

Cancellation of Tuition Fee
Requests for refunds based on cancellations received by iRest Institute/iRest Yoga Nidra NZ two months prior to the event will receive a full tuition refund less the $100 administration fee. There will be no tuition refund for cancellations received by iRest Institute/iRest Yoga Nidra NZ less than two months prior to the event.

Cancellation of the Mana Retreat Fee
30 days or more prior to the start of an event, a refund will be made less a $50 administrative fee.
10 – 29 days prior to the start of an event, a refund will be made less a $200 administrative fee.
0-9 days prior to the start of an event, no refund will be made.

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